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About us

Sonic Fax is a company offering an innovative, cost effective solution to the current and somewhat cumbersome method of receiving and sending faxes. Sonic Fax earns revenue through a rebate system from Telkom, for calls made to the allocated numbers which is sufficient for Sonic Fax to distribute this fax reception service at no charge to the end user. Sonic Fax has changed the way faxes are dealt with by aligning it closer to email than to traditional faxing.

Personal Fax to Email Solutions

Sonic Fax is committed to providing the market with exceptional service offerings that exceed client’s expectations within the constraints of sound corporate governance and best practice principles

Fax to email affords the user all the benefits of email type communication, without sacrificing the accepted advantages of fax.

Fax documents are still one of the last remaining business communication methods that is not electronically received and stored. In the era of person-to-person communications, the shared fax machine is the outdated exception. The Sonic Fax solution will essentially direct faxes straight to the person for whom they are intended – the recipients own inbox on the desktop, laptop, mobile phone or PDA. Each user will receive a personal fax number unique to their email address.

Sonic Fax to Email solution is a very powerful Internet Fax service offering. The number of Fax to Email users globally is growing at an astonishing rate and more and more companies are demanding the benefits, ease of use and convenience of receiving their faxes in their regular email accounts.