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Welcome to Soinc Fax - FREE Fax to Email service
Sonic Fax "Fax to Email" are Leaders in FREE Fax to Email Management Solutions. Sonic Fax web-based Fax to Email solutions require no new hardware or capital investment, and can be implemented quickly and easily.

Now there's a better way to fax. Sonic Fax "Fax to Email" makes it possible to use your existing email account to send and receive faxes. Find out how to get a fax number that sends and receives faxes using your current email address.

Fax 2 Email saves you TIME..

Share your faxes with your colleagues in a few seconds with Fax 2 Email.
No more waiting for faxes to be hand delivered from the fax machine.
Receive Fax 2 Email wherever you are (out of the office, out of office hours, on holiday). Your clients and colleagues no longer have to await your return for a response to their faxes.
Avoid queuing and waiting at the fax machine.
No more engaged tones for people trying to send you faxes; faxes get straight through first time.

Fax 2 Email saves you MONEY...

No capital outlay, and because Fax 2 Email is web-based there’s no hardware or software to install.
Reduces or eliminates fax expenses such as toner and paper, you chose whether you would like to print out your Fax or not.
Cuts staff costs associated with manning a fax department.
Own and maintain fewer or no fax machines.