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Corporate Fax to Email Solutions

Sonic Fax offereds leading-edge Corporate Fax to Email and Print to Fax solutions that save money, increase uptime, and maximize productivity.

Web-enabled – No Hardware. No Software.
With no hardware or software installation, Sonic Fax Corporate Fax to Email solutions require no capital expenditures or maintenance costs. Deployment is virtually instant.
A business rollout can be set up within 24 hours upon receipt of your companys information.

Dedicated Support
support is available from our trained technical team by telephone or email.

Rest assured that your Faxes will only ever be read by you. With our 128 Bit encrypted faxes you can send and receive faxes securely and easily from your desktop.

Personal Fax to Email Solutions

(Instant - “FREE” Fax to Email number)
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