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Fax Out

FaxFx are proud to announce the Exclusive Limited Pre-release of a Business Class FaxOut Service, if you would like to take part in this exciting pre-release - login, click on FaxOut Icon and follow the easy onscreen steps.

Personal Fax to Email Solutions

FaxOut allows you to send faxes from within any Windows Application

Jam Packed with functions, the FaxOut driver version 2.2 will allow you to:

  • Purchase credits online
  • Easy driver installation
  • Link to Outlook
  • Preview your fax before sending
  • Send faxes worldwide*
  • Support for grouped users/companies

Please note: to use FaxOut you need to be registered to receive faxes (i.e. have an 08660/08666 number).

‘The seamless ability to send a fax from your computer to any destination in the world’

Despite the predictions that have been forecast in the past few years regarding fax communications, one thing is certain:

  • FAX is everywhere.
  • You cannot run a business without it.
  • Email has not replaced fax.
Fax continues to be the communications bedrock that hundreds of thousands of companies around the world depend on daily for exchanging information. Every day, users fax mission-critical business information, such as contracts, legal documents, sales quotes, purchase orders, and confirmations, membership applications and much more.

The FaxFX FaxOut fax solution provides users with the capability to send a fax as easily as they would normally print the document.

Considering that communication security and the safekeeping of documentation is becoming ever more important, FaxFX developed print-to-fax technology as the fax sending solution of choice.

Until the launch of the FaxFX, FaxOut solution, the South African market was exposed to the legacy system of email-to-fax, Whilst FaxFX supports email-to-fax for those clients that still require the facility, a perceptible shift towards secure and authenticated fax transmission is taking place and FaxFX is at the forefront of this technology.