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Corporate Sign up

Sign Up a Corporate account (Large Corporations)

(Setup is completely free - There are no hidden costs - Minimum 30 Fax Accounts).

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With Sonic Fax Corporate Fax to Email Solutions, you get cutting-edge technology for your business backed by a company (FaxFx) that has been a leader in document management and communications solutions since 1995.

Benefits of signing up for a Corporate Fax Account:

> Level 1 - Support.
> Administrator Rights.
> Onsite Training.
> Customers enjoy faxing on our global network of cutting-edge servers.
> Archiving of faxes.
> The ability to consolidate, manage and administer your employees via our web based administration console.
> Inbound faxes are FREE of charge.
> No setup or management fees.
> Each employee can have their own fax number free of charge.
> No software or hardware is required, resulting in no lead time for the installation of the FaxFX service.
> Utilises current investment in email, internet infrastructure, systems and software.
> Better print quality.
> No maintenance and support staff needed.
> Multiple-page documents are sent and received quicker.
> Received faxes can be redirected to any email address worldwide.
> Fax numbers remain unchanged should the company move.
> Direct saving on paper, ink, fax machine maintenance and rental's etc.
> The fax machine is never jammed.
> If your email server is down the faxes will queue so no faxes will ever be lost.
> Your faxes can be received wherever you are in the world.
> Faxes remain confidential as they are delivered directly to the addressee.
> Faxes are digitally archived and stored upon receipt.