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The FaxPl@form has been designed and built from the ground up in conjunction with FaxFX as its anchor client with certain base principles in mind. The system needs to be secure and reliable; it needs to be easy to use and needs to enhance the user’s experience and not waste time.

FaxPl@form had to also be fully automated so as to manage a huge number of users and a mountain of faxes.

It had to automate the registration and user management process. It had to allow instant access by the user to his information in realtime from anywhere.

The system must automatically answer, “Where is my fax?”, and send it to the user if it

FaxPl@form basically had to change human behaviour on how reliable they expected their fax management to be, and ensure a delivery mechanism in line with their other business communications standards.

“Gone are the days where you consider it acceptable to phone a recipient after you
send a fax and ask him if he received xxx pages!”

It is with these strategic considerations that the FaxPl@form was formed.

In order to create an all encumbering document on security it is important to describe;

  • The Current Security Solution
  • Immediate Future Security Enhancements
    • Including special considerations
  • Regular Maintenance issues
FaxPl@form has been specifically developed in South Africa for the advanced management of large scale Fax systems, the first of its kind in the world with its current version specifically designed for South African conditions.

The users of the system (currently over 12,000 with a goal to service over 3 million users
by the end of 2006) all rely on the fact that their information is secure.

The FaxPl@form is the very first outsourced fax2email solution in South Africa specifically being designed to conform with:
  • NIA (National Intelligence Agency) approval for secure government communication (for departments like SAPS) – this approval has not yet been received.
  • Special considerations for the ECT act (including 3 rd party verification, commissioner of oaths, and original document verification services) – not yet implemented.
  • Special considerations for compliance with document storage as required by SARS (South African Revenue Services) implemented
  • .