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Security Considerations

Considering that the system makes no differentiation between its corporate and single user customers, all calls received need to be accounted for and secured!

Who may view a fax?
Now this question is not at all easy to answer; consider an employee of a company performing illegal transactions via fax communications. Firstly, under South African law, any communications entering an organisation is considered to be the property of that organisation and is obliged to securely store such communications for at least 5 years. Such organisation may be requested to furnish such information to the necessary authorities in dealing with the said criminal activities and could be held liable should it not be able to produce said fax document/s.

It is with this consideration that FaxFX can securely store users’ faxes, at a cost, for up to 5 years (or longer if required).

The user, which may be overridden by its organisation if it exists, will be able to override this storage of data and force deletion of faxes once confirmation of delivery of said fax has been confirmed by the user either by the acceptance of a read receipt or by deleting the fax via the web interface (each user has access to his faxes and control of the users beneath him in a structured manner as created and
managed by the various entity/ies themselves – see figure 1 below).

Therefore only 3 entities can ever view a fax, see table 1 below:

  By Whom? How
1. The user to whom the fax was intended By user logging in and resending the fax from the Fax log.
2. The company through whom the user was signed up Written and verified representation by the company to FaxFX
3. A Court order Forcing FaxFX to release the information
Table 1