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What Security System are in place?

Firstly the system has been implemented on a LINUX platform (in support for government’s “open source” strategy) and therefore is not subject to the normal barricade of system attacks experienced by Microsoft® and Microsoft® related platform/s and/or products/services.

The system is Firewalled and continuously scanned of intrusions from the outside world.

The system checks for illegal access requests and any accesses to the system are tracked and logged for rollback and identification of usage activities.

The FaxPl@form does not reside on any one single machine nor is dependent on any one single machine ensuring no single point of failure.

Every machine in its own right has built in redundancy at the hardware layer including such best practice considerations such as RAID 5 with hotswappable drives, dual power supplies, etc.

The system is backed up daily offsite with a structured “fallback” and“ rollback” plan for recovery. SPECIAL considerations have been made on system fault resolution to ENSURE that completed successful fax receptions are delivered to its appropriate destination.

The system is deployed in arguable one of the best sites in the country with direct access into the core Tier 1 Internet networks in South Africa and direct access into the nternational networks through multiple links into Europe and the USA.

Full physical security through access control.

Controlled environment with respect to temperature, humidity, power fluctuations and outages, etc.