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What can we expect in the near future?

The system will shortly support full encrypted and secure sessions.

Full point2point delivery of faxes received. Every fax delivered will request a delivery receipt in order to confirm complete point2point successful fax communications. The destination mail server is also interrogated in order to ensure remote mailbox message delivery and logging.

Allocation and distribution of security keys to end users. This will allow full encryption services thereby ensuring that the analogue fax receptions are encrypted at point of entry via ISDNPRI interfaces prior to file storage and email transmission.

Encrypted fax transmission for faxout (also known as print2fax) will be standard.

Various levels of Third party verification of faxout transmissions (this can be compared with “registered post” or the signing of a document by a commissioner of oaths or authorised and verified notice to the Sheriff of the Court) – for more details on this please view “Legal use of the 08660…” document under the download section of the website

There is a drive by some key customers to implement certain advanced services as indicated above. We are committed to doing so being the only company in South Africa to be able to address these special requirements as our competitors use imported software which will not be customised by our foreign counterparts. In so doing, when we build it for one, we build it for all.