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Choose your own Fax Number

You can choose the last 5 digits of your fax number provided they are available.

Personal Fax to Email Solutions

(Click on the Button above to get your "FREE" Fax to Email Number)

• Go to the Fax to Email Sign up Page. [Click Here]
• Enter your details
• Enter 5 custom digit numbers in the small number block
• Select one of the number options
• Once you have the number you would like
• Click on Signup!
• The system will now generate an email an “Invite” to the specified email address

You can choose your own fax number, by supplying us with your 5 favorite digits and we will try to find a fax number that matches. Please wait after you have entered 5 digits, and the closest available numbers will be displayed for you to choose.

Choose your Fax Number
(figure 1 – Selecting a customized number)