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Setting the Subject of your Fax

Their is no need to login to the system to Set the Fax Subject.
When you receive an Fax Email - in the body of the email you will see a field where you can "Set Fax Subject".
Once you have opened the fax (this will be included in the email as an attachment) you can now enter the subject of the fax in the "Set Fax Subject" text box and then click on the "Save Subject" button.

Why is it important to set a Fax Subject?

For the purpose of tracking/finding an archived Fax.
Did you know FaxFx stores your faxes for 5 Years as per FICA compliance?
FaxFX are the first and only Fax to Email service providers in South Africa that offer the setting of your Fax Subject, other Fax to Email products do not have a login to view your faxes from any where in the world, nor do they have the functionality to set the Subject of the Fax, the only way to find a fax that was previously sent to you would be by the Fax number making it very impractical.

Who would make the most use of setting a Fax Subject?

Insurance companies - "Set the subject as the Claim Number or Policy Number"
Finance companies - "Set the subject as ID number, Account Number"

Also see "How to search for your fax by Fax subject or Fax number"