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Content Writing

At Sonic Studio we can offer you the complete marketing solution including initial concept brainstorming, structure, layout, design and now copywriting and editing. Sonic Studio is partnered with a range of experienced copywriters, sub editors and commissioning editors, together producing the highest quality and diverse marketing solutions.

Copywriting is the method of refining the style of words and descriptive language efficiently and accurately to promote a person, organisation, a script or an idea.. It is used in marketing to attract the audience and keep them interested in a product or service so that a sale ican be made. Effective copy generates trust, develops a bond between the reader and the publisher and guides recipients to gain the knowledge they require from the collateral they are reading.

The content writing service we provide is usually based on an interview and questionnaire process, alternatively using text or overview that you have loosely written - ready to be knocked into shape. Conveying the core message succinctly, in an easily understood manner, it is essential that grammar, tense and syntax are correct. We have skilled professionals available to enchance your message and fulfil a call to action - the required outcome of your marketing message will be clearly apparent and acted upon.

In most marketing collateral, space is at a premium - a good copywriter will free up valuable real estate - therefore generating valuable space to enchance the sales message!

Key content writing tips:

Check that grammar, syntax and flow are logical and correct, remember you are guiding the reader.
Establish the aims of your product or service.
Reinforce the key messages to ensure that they are understood.
make sure that your contact information is included and correct.

Quality Copywriting is as essential to company literature as it enchances the design and identity creation of the product or service.