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Website Copywriting Services

The importance of good web content is paramount. The number one attraction to bringing viewers to your website continues to be clear, compelling information. Copywriting will not only determine whether visitors find your site through search engines, but determine if they stay on your site to learn more about your services.

Writing copy for the web presents special challenges and web copywriting requires specialized skills adapted to those challenges. Writing on the web needs to be quick and poignant. Text needs to come across quick and appeal to your target audience sharply. There are two main types of copywriting needed for the web.

B2B (Business-to-Business) Web Copywriting

Website Copywriting that will appeal emotionally to a CEO, corporate executive or large corporation takes a highly specialized skill. The person you are trying to reach is already in a business mindset. When they read your copy their buying decisions and buying signals will be much different than those of a consumer shopper. For example, while price is always a factor, it may not be the “core” deciding factor in B2B sales.

B2C (Business-to-Consumer) Web Copywriting

This is the most common type of copy. It is also the most competitive and saturated. It takes a very talented skill and master wordsmithing to reach through the maze of clutter and "grab" the prospects attention so you can then hold them long enough to give them all the benefits as you evoke emotional reasons for them to take action. This could be to fill out a form, pick-up the phone or make a purchase, or any number of calls to action you may be looking for.