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Business Card Design

Your first point of memorable contact. Business cards are not just a contact form, they can clinch the deal after the meeting, or even remind the potential client that your company exists. Most importantly they strengthen your overall brand which will aid.

you when your client is looking for a reputable partner. Business card design has gone through many iterations over the years, with formats as varied as CD/DVD and differing substrate materials being employed, all in the quest to get the business card retained, the information used and first contact made.

A business card is often the ambassador of your company. It is kept and reviewed often by a potential client, this means it needs to be memorable and aesthetically pleasing. It is an important item in your corporate identity which will hold important contact information.

The finish of your business card design speaks volumes about you, what you stand for and whereyou are headed. Should it be a thick artboard, or a light silk stock, recycled, laminated with a biodegradeable finish, embossed, or foil blocked - each finish lends a distinct character to your identity. Ideally the business card will resist fingerprints and be quite substantial in weight, as many wallets take a battering.

Sizes are pretty much established now, in South Africa 90mm x 50mm is the norm. They can be die cut, so interesting effects can be created on the edge of the card, as well as shapes removed from the interior.

At Sonic Studio we can be innovative with your business card design so that yours stands out amongst others. The design will have a strong link with your corporate logo, to re-enforce the overall brand. The text will ideally be clear and simple, so that the client can always read and understand your details.

We create bespoke business card designs which means that you CAN choose different card stocks weights, laminates, dimensions. You CAN choose how many colours are used, whether you would like an illustration or striking image, double sided or single sided, pantone coloured or black and white... the list is endless.

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