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Logo Design

A logo forms the cornerstone of your corporate identity, as your logo design is logically the first item to be created in the development of a brand - its applications are widespread and its vital to get it seen as frequently as possible, this familiarity can be key in making a future sale.

A logo is often the first impression for the consumer, and should sum up instantly the objectives and values of the client whilst uniquely representing what the client does. The logo must be relevant, meaningful and memorable. At Sonic Studio we believe that a logo must be clear in design, unique in nature and instantly recognisable, it should work in all its applications - small and large, black and white and full colour. We believe that the logo must be used consistently throughout the clients collateral, so that the audience can develop a strong bond or trust with the business or organisation.

Sonic Studio will discuss your product or service in detail, getting an idea of the message that you want your logo design to put forward. We will determine the ways in which you plan on using your logo, both now and in the future.