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E-Mail Marketing

Marketing through email is one of the most popular forms of online publicity today! That is why our experienced professionals at Sonic Studio are proud to offer clients a full suite of email marketing services. With other companies, you may just get a consultation, but with email marketing at Sonic Studio, you are getting more than an email marketing consultant. You’re getting the care and understanding of your business’s best interests combined with the expertise of highly trained professionals and over a decade of knowledge.

Email marketing is not spam. It is a focused effort to promote your website through email postings to your opt-in clients without filling their inboxes with pointless material. Nick Stamoulis and the professionals of Sonic Studio’s email marketing services are here to make sure that your email marketing campaign is as effective as possible without becoming the dreaded spam that many email campaigns can become.

Sonic Studio are happy to provide any client with the following email marketing services:

  • Implementation of email software and tracking for your business.
  • The launch and implementation of promotional email campaigns that are not spam.
  • Email content copywriting including email subject lines, content, and call to actions, all of which affects how your opt-in clients look at your email.
  • In-house list segmentation and cleansing to get rid of any email addresses that just bounce back messages and waste time.
  • External double opt-in email list rental and procurement so that you can increase the number of people who see your message.
  • Analysis of existing campaigns and recommendations to increase response rates so you can get the most out of the campaigns you have already put together.
  • Online survey writing and implementation so that you can learn more about what your customers are looking for.