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Internet Consulting

The Internet Marketing Strategy is the foundation of your online marketing activities for your Web site. It is critical in the role of turning your Web site into an invaluable asset for promoting your products and services and communicating with your target audience. A successful Internet marketing campaign must be initiated with a multifaceted Internet Marketing Strategy. Many organizations mistakenly rely solely on third party companies to place advertisements online (e.g. banner advertisements) only to discover that they are not obtaining the results desired. Online advertising placement only represents a small portion of methods and techniques at the disposal of your organization to successfully communicate your message to your target market online - many of which are high impact, low cost solutions requiring little more than an individual's time for successful implementation. For example, targeted electronic mail lists and newsletters can deliver response rates of up to 60% while banner advertisements, on average, have a click through rate of less than 1%.

Marketing Strategy Components

During the preliminary phase of the marketing strategy development we will take an in depth look at your organization, your online marketing objectives, the products/services you are promoting and your target market(s). Using this information we will identify the most appropriate methods to reach your target market(s) online through extensive online research and analysis.

We will identify ideal online marketing mediums that are appropriate for your business including:

  • Mail Lists
  • Online Ad Placement
  • Links Strategy Development
  • Meta Indexes
  • Newsgroups
  • Webrings
  • Ezines
  • Discussion Groups and Newsletters
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Search Engines and Directories
  • Viral Marketing Techniques
  • Permission Marketing Techniques
  • Repeat Traffic Generation Techniques

The Internet Marketing Strategy will express all content in clear, easy to understand English so that all readers, regardless of background (technical, marketing, etc) will be able to benefit from the information contained in the strategy. The Internet Marketing Strategy will provide step by step directions on how to implement the strategy so that your organization has the freedom to divide the strategy amongst individual personnel for implementation of the strategy internally.