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Search Engine Marketing

For those who would like to take advantage of a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization program, we would be pleased to consult with you on a customized solution to meet the entire range of marketing goals for your enterprise and to tailor a strategy to meet all objectives.

Search Engine Marketing is promoting your site and its visibility within the search engines. If you’re not there you can’t be found. As a matter of fact, studies have shown if you’re not on the first two pages of a search result than you’re nowhere.

The search engine marketing arena has changed drastically in the past two years and it looks like it’s going to continue at this rapid rate of change.

Don’t get caught up with outdated techniques that may, in fact, hurt your progress to the top in the search engines results. Let Elegance in Design start marketing your site for the future.

Our Online Marketing Plan consists of 7 steps to online success:

Increasing Your Online Exposure

No longer can your website be a lone island. These days it is essential to get your site listed in various trusted websites. That information in the wrong hands however can not only prove non-beneficial to your success but in fact damaging to your rankings in the search engines. Like with links it's not just quantity but quality--get listed on the right sites! Let us use our knowledge and experience in the field to help you get higher in the rankings. We will list your site on numerous high quality trusted sites around the web and maintain the pages accuracy.

Pay-Per-Click Consultation

Do you currently have a pay-per-click account setup with Google's AdWords or Yahoo's Partner Network? Get the biggest bang for your buck:

  • National and/or Local Keyword Analysis
  • Conversion Analytics
  • Determining an appropriate Budget based on
  • Google's recommendations and your allotment
Let Elegance in Design consult you on your PPC.

Link Popularity Reporting

PageRank is still a factor in Google's Algorythm. And PageRank is all about incoming links. However, unlike the early years, it's quality not quantity that's important. That means the number of links coming in isn't as important as the quality of those links. Elegance in Design has created an algorythm for assessing importance to links. Let us analyze your incoming links and make recommendations based upon those links.

Directories Submissions

Directories are still important to your search ranking. Keep in mind the quality of the directories and the frequency as to when the search engines find you in these directories are important. We will submit your site to 500 quality directories at specific intervals maximizing your benefit.

Sitemap Generation

Sitemaps are vital to the success of your site being indexed into the search engines. If you're not in the search engine's index your website can't be found. MSN, Yahoo!, and Google have all agreed upon a sitemap format. If you already have a sitemap we will review it and check for formatting and errors. If you do not have a sitemap we will generate one for you and submit it to the search engines.

Analytics Reporting

What are Analytics? Well, when it comes to the web, analytics is the process of collecting information about your visitors. Information such as how your visitors got to your site (if they arrived via search engine what keywords they used), what pages were viewed, how long they were viewed, and most importantly where did they leave. Was it on an advertisement? We assemble this information and provide you with tips to help you reach your goals.