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Website Analysis

At Sonic Studio we believe not only in ethical search engine optimizationSonic Studioniques but also to maintain and cherish long lasting relationships with our esteemed clients.

Though at Sonic Studio our experts leave no stone unturned to get our clients web property maximum facelift but still time and again we try to analyze present performance of the web site compared to the competitors. This could be termed as an after sales feature Sonic Studio offers web analytics services to its clients to ensure their value for money proposition with us and maintain cordial relationship. Perhaps with every project we implement, our experts develop a deep sense of ownership with client’s web site.

Important issues our expert address primarily in Web Analytics phase is to get web site traffic statistics and keep the owner informed. Additionally we also suggest steps to improve performance of the web site. These web site tracking and monitoring services at Sonic Studio is a regular feature based on which our clients bank totally on us for their Internet Marketing program.

Some of the web analytics operations we perform for our clients are as follows:

  • Keyword Position.
  • Pages Indexed.
  • Page Rank.
  • Back Links.
  • General Server and Site Statistics.

Keyword Position:

At the initial search engine optimization phase the Keywords/Phrases that were picked for the web site are analyzed time and again for their present performance with major search engines. Based on the performance report i.e. the traffic so generated our experts make recommendations for improvement.

Pages Indexed:

Pages Indexed for particular web site after initial search engine optimization program is a direct method to ascertain how search engine friendly a web pages in a web site are. One can go directly to a particular search engine to get the report for the same.

Page Rank:

Time and again our expert retrieve the page rank for the web site they have already worked on. The page rank statistics reveal how far the web site is ranked at the top block. Most importantly the web sites link structure ascertains the page rank value. The number and quality of links pointing towards the client’s web site helps Google in assigning a page rank value to a particular web site.

Back Links:

Back links or links coming in to your site from external site is another fundamental metric to track in your SEO package. Link popularity campaigns are sometimes employed by many website to create backlinks. Back Links are important for two reasons

  1. The more links you have coming in to your site, the more traffic you have and

  2. The more back links you have coming into your site, the more search engines consider your site important (i.e. PageRank).

General Server and Site Statistics:

There are many Web site statistics and analytics software available to choose from. They all provide the basic functions of tracking visitors or traffic, pages visited, referrer sites, keyword phrases and browser/computer types.