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Multimedia Development

Multimedia has emerged as a revolutionary concept in the areas of information and entertainment. The power and scope that multimedia offers in combining individual elements such as images, video and audio is tremendous. Multimedia has opened new vistas for creative expression in areas as diversified as art, education and communication.

Sonic Studio holds the distinction of being one of the forerunners in the development of multimedia products among South African IT companies. Our major strength is a team of dedicated and highly talented multimedia professionals possessing vast experience and expertise in delivering high-end multimedia products.

At Sonic Studio, we have the capability to deliver various multimedia products such as:

  • Corporate presentations
  • Mobile applications
  • Animated screensavers
  • 3-D Animation
Among the various multimedia development companies in South Africa, Sonic Studio is one company that is known to deliver high quality at minimal costs to our clients. When it comes to choosing the right production tools, we have built a high degree of expertise around creating outstanding multimedia products using Macromedia Flash.

Our Flash designers are hand-picked professionals of the industry who have the capability to weave magic through Flash. Depending upon the level of interactivity required by the client, we have positioned our design team to fully explore the potential offered by Flash in multimedia development.