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Content Management System

Content Management Website

Many of our clients wish to have the capability to update their website themselves. We give them this ability through the creation of a content management system. This system can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. If a website already exists, it can be easily integrated into the current site without affecting design or functionality. Our content management system can also be built into a new website during development. This system gives our clients the ability to add, edit and delete images, text and attached documents (like Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, .pdfs, etc). A content management system helps our clients save time, reduce cost and increase productivity of their websites.

Our content management system enables you to leverage the following benefits:
  • Effective content management
  • Rich and engaging user experience
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Enterprise scalability

Years of experience have shown us that every organization has individual requirements for an effective content management system. Understanding your processes and taking into consideration your immediate and future needs we will provide you with a "right-scale" solution that fits your business case and your budget.

You need a CMS built exactly to your need and providing you with features of expansion, supporting the technologies that enable the evolutionary life cycle of the digital information in your website. To meet the challenge, the information in your website need to be updated, edited and even changed.

Your website should be integrated not only within your business operation, but between businesses, while creating more meaningful opportunities in having connectivity with your partners. There would be requirements for adding new product announcements, or change the prices that you offered previously. These operations would be done without having the specific skill of programming, by your own in-house people.

The benefit from such a solution is the standardization achieved in creation of the websites using a single platform. This custom built framework could be built utilising the industry-defined practices, including the existing design patters,

Every website has its own requirements which cannot, perhaps, be met by a pre-built CMS. What you need is a system which allows you to conceive a planned structure of the content of your website, created through a dynamic information store available in a CMS.

In ideal circumstances, the CMS should allow you to define your meta-data fields and provide the features of configuring complex database structures, enabling you to manage the structured data with ease.

You can have all these without any custom programming. In facilitating the content management process and to have the benefit of having easier scalability and up-gradation of your website, you need a CMS, which offers you these features and more.

The CMS that you choose should have the feature to be upgraded to any level, from the basic to advance, having flexibility to add any types of module. The CMS would be 100% coded and customisable and unique to your application.

Custom CMS should be chosen when it is found to be an efficient proposal to enter and display information using a database and where third party solutions are not enough cost-effective to meet your requirement. Such custom built modules would integrate with your system seamlessly and could be used with most other content management methods.